Our legal services

Real Estate Property

One of our best services than can be submitted to our clients, drafting of contracts for the sale, purchase, leasing and registration of real estate,

Companies Law

Our services include all the affairs that link and relate and include companies of all types and activities, including family business that have devel

The Sports Law

In order to expand and diversify our services, our OFFICE shall cover the contracts of the players and disputes that arising between them and the club

Islamic Banks, Finance & Investment

To reassure our clients that, our OFFICE has extensive experience in the field of banking disputes and legal claims arising from loans, documentary cr

Execution of Judgments & Collection of Debits

Our OFFICE shall provide the legal services that necessary to implement the provisions and orders and perform reservation and take all legal procedure

Arbitration, Reconciliation & Disputes Settlement

The OFFICE has the full capacity and abilities to represent its clients with conciliation or arbitration before all judicial authorities of all types

Personal Status Cases

Our OFFICE is well prepared and ready to handle all matters relating to issues of marriage, divorce, waqf, inheritance, will and gift before the compe

Commercial Agencies

The OFFICE provides legal advice on the application of the commercial agencies law. It also provides services relating to the regulation of commercial

Intellectual Property & Trademarks

Due to the importance of intellectual property rights and their important impact on the development and competitiveness of the global economy, our OFF

Administrative Cases

Our OFFICE is ready to follow up the cases raised by individuals or companies in the face of governmental and public bodies because of disputes betwee

Labors Cases

Our OFFICE is fully equipped to handle disputes that arising from labor contracts between employer and employees in all sectors.

Criminal Crimes & Misdemeanors

The OFFICE handles criminal offences as well as all misdemeanors, whether commercial or municipal offences or traffic. The OFFICE also sues the civil

Commercial Cases

The office is quite ready to draft all commercial contracts and acts on behalf of merchants in all proceedings before the courts, as well as mediation

Civil Cases

The OFFICE handles civil cases, which includes civil claims and civil damages arising from the execution of contracts in various branches of law and t

Legal Advises & Drafting Contracts

The OFFICE provides legal advices to individuals, companies and Banking institutions. It also drafts and reviews contracts of all kinds. It has many c